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Door to Door cargo service from any where in UK to Nigeria and other countries:

We can collect your goods/consignments from anywhere in the United Kingdom to Our Warehouse in London where we safely store, pack and ship/despatch, then delivered to your door step at anywhere in Nigeria and other countries. Please note that collection from outside London attracts a minimal collection fee.

Companies and Individuals can also order their products and goods online directly to our warehouse at no cost.

Air & Sea freight:

These are the modes we use in conveying our freights to its destination, Nigeria. All freights sent by Air normally takes four working days from the day sent to get delivered to your door step while all freights sent by Sea normally takes Twenty One days from day the Vessel departs England to get delivered to your door step in Nigeria. The prices of the cost of shipment by Air and Sea varies.

However, all our freights are being shipped by Air to Nigeria unless the customer specifically request for Sea Service. The nature of the goods and the Shipping cost a customer is willing to bear also determines the mode of shipment to use.

Shipping and clearing of cars, Trucks, vans (Nigeria, Cotonou & Lome)

We are engaged in all aspects of picking up and shipping of all kinds of Motor Vehicles, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles and Bicycles from anywhere in United Kingdom to Nigeria, Cotonou and Lome. Due to the Federal Government of Nigeria rules on importation of used cars, we can only ship a car under the age of 15 years to Nigeria. The alternative countries where we can ship cars above 15 years are Cotonou and Lome. Although, this rule does not affect any vehicle in a commercial category such as Vans, Buses, Trucks, Tippers and Trailers.

We also boast of our competency in the clearing and delivering of all these Vehicles mentioned above under reasonable time period in Nigeria, Cotonou and Lome.

Container handling and shipment:container 2

We are experts when it comes to all aspects of containers shipment. We supply and deliver your requested size of container (20 or 40 foot) to your doorstep at anywhere in the United Kingdom for your convenience of loading. We can supply you with loaders as well.

We ship containers from the United Kingdom to Nigeria and any part of the world.

Product sourcing and buying:

Making life easy for our customers is one of our primary focuses and that is why we also act behalf of individual Customers and Corporate organisations to source, Inspect and buy for them their desired goods or products no matter its nature at no extra cost.

Courier service within and To outside UK:

We offer full fledged unbeatable courier service within and to outside the United Kingdom in partnership with some of the World’s leading courier companies.

Quality Packaging:

We do not compromise with our packaging standards hence we use the most reliable and quality packaging products to ensure your goods are well packaged and preserved against any damage and delivered to it’s destination in the safest manner.

All goods delivered within 5-7 working days!!!

Yes, we strive to ensure that your goods are delivered within the four feasible working days from the day of despatch to its destination. Customers should however please bear with us sometimes when we experience some logistical hitches which goes beyond our control especially with the Airlines and Custom agents in Nigeria. But not withstanding, we still ensure we get your goods delivered within the shortest possible time.


We value your goods just as you value it so we understand the importance of you wanting to know its status and that is why we have introduced a live real monitoring tracking system to enable you track and trace. Click on Tracking on our website and follow the instructions.

GCL Overseas:

GEEOMOTAYO Company Limited (GCL) in Nigeria is currently operating in Lagos State in Nigeria whose business activities are Travel and Tours, Clearing and Forwarding, Transportation (Oil and Goods), Estate Management, General Contractors, Import and Export.

Please use the contact us page to contact us in Nigeria where our able team of expertise’s hands are on desk waiting to offer you a first class second to none service.

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